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The 2016 IEEE 2nd International Smart Cities Conference will be held in Trento. This flagship event of the IEEE Smart Cities Initiative will foster plenary discussions and collaboration between all entities involved in planning and implementing successful smart cities.


Trento from 12 April 2018 to 15 April 2018

Trento has been selected by the IEEE as one of the 10 cities in the IEEE Smart cities initiative ( The initiative supports participating cities in addressing their strategy and improving their smartness strategy by accessing to world- class technology experts. The initiative enables cities to collaborate with each other and with world-renowned smart city experts and builders.

In particular, participating cities benefit from valuable components such as:

  • a forum for collaboration among all involved cities aimed at a successful planning of the concept of smart city
  • workshops attended by world level expertise to develop white papers on which future work will be based;
  • education resources, including support for Masters and PhD students, thesis development in smart cities-related areas and development of smart cities-related courses with a focus on "MOOCs" (Massive Open Online Courses);
  • organization of a thematic international conference on smart cities
  • knowledge base/repository, to serve as a source of lessons learned and other information and intelligence for future smart cities;
  • access to IEEE Distinguished Lecturers.

The initiative is focused on emerging big data and open data technologies and it could serve also as a test bed to develop best practices and pool of talent that can be adopted by other towns in Europe. The main areas of application are: E-governemnt, Health&Wellbeing, Energy Efficiency, Tourism and Mobility.


Comune di Trento - Servizio Innovazione e servizi digitali

via Ezio Maccani 148 38121 Trento TN

Tel. +39 0461 884123



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