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  • LENGTH: 10,8 km 
  • TIME: 5 hours
  • DIFFICULTY: mountaineering-hiking
  • INTEREST: naturalistic-historic

This is a classic route on the Bondone, along trails maintained by the SAT and, in some parts, requires a certain level of skill in managing the manoeuvres necessary to safely travel certain sections - albeit short ones - of the path, equipped with metal cables.
That is why we will describe the route in a clockwise direction, so that the two short cabled sections can be taken on uphill, especially the lower one. The starting point is in the parking area in Viote, near the biotope. You follow trail SAT 607 in a south-westerly direction, you go past the interesting dome of the "Terrazza delle Stelle" observatory, and leaving it, you coast along the swampy terrain next to the forest. At the turn-off from the dirt road, you turn left and then right along the mule track which descends a small valley until it comes to the area of the Austro-Hungarian Barracks. Now, on your right, you continue on a dirt road and, at the first turn-off, you keep left, following the signs for SAT 630B Acqua del Mandret. You climb in the forest up to an ample clearing at the former Pozze Bassa farmstead. You now continue along a path to the fork with SAT 630, which from Aldeno reaches Cima Verde. The landscape changes radically: we are faced with the south-eastern faces of the Tre Cime [Three Peaks] (Cima Verde, Dos d'Abramo, Cornetto), which, from here on, will form the backdrop to the route. Those who are not used to mountaineering-style routes are advised to stop here, where there is a beautiful view, because a little further on it will be necessary to confront a cabled section of the path. Once you have gone past the section with the cables, the path leads to the eastern edge until it easily reaches Cima Verde. After leaving trail SAT 630, you continue on SAT 636, which goes down to the ridge dividing Cima Verde from Dos d'Abramo. After climbing the slope of the latter, you find two forks one closely following the other. The first is for trail SAT 638 leading to Pala Granda and the town of Cimone. The second fork concerns our route. To climb to the Dos d'Abramo peak and then descend the other side, it is necessary to follow two short vie ferrate along trail SAT 638A. There is another route to reach the Dos d'Abramo peak, and it is the vertical via ferrata called "Giulio Segata", which has two access points: one starts just a short distance from the beginning of the equipped section of trail SAT 638A. The other is further down on the vertical section, and starts from a small path that travels around the hill on the southern slope. (The Giulio Segata via ferrata is closed for maintenance, and climbing it is still currently forbidden). For those who do not feel like attempting the climb, it is possible to avoid the vie ferrate by going around the peak along trail SAT 636, first going downhill and then climbing a small valley, until you reach the fork on the other side of the peak. Now, a short crest leads to beneath the Cornetto, which is easiest to climb on the north face. This peak was organised as a pitched fortification, with trenches all around it and accommodation in caves. To return downhill it is sufficient to walk down the entire crest called "Costa dei Cavai", which is marked as SAT 607 and leads to the starting point.

Don't miss: the Viote Peat Bog Biotope, the Terrazza delle Stelle observatory, views, fortifications of the Great War, views, the Tre Cime Monte Bondone Nature Reserve.

Further information and other trekking proposals can be found on our guide "MONTE BONDONE. WALKS AND TRAILS ON THE MOUNTAIN OF TRENTO", on sale in our tourist information office, located in piazza Dante, 24 - Trento.


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  • Passeggiate e sentieri sulla montagna di Trento - Archivio APT Trento, foto R. Magrone
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