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WALKS AND TRAILS ON THE MOUNTAIN OF TRENTO - Vezzano - "A. Stoppani" geological route



  • LENGTH: 5,5 km 
  • TIME: 3 hours.
  • DIFFICULTY: tourism.
  • INTEREST: naturalistic-historic

The route starts in the town of Vezzano, on the north-western slopes of Monte Bondone. A path connects the numerous glacial wells, called "marmitte dei giganti", which the work of water running under ancient glaciers has left in the rocks. Some of these wells have been emptied of the material that has collected there over the centuries, shedding light on the rock structure to a depth of more than ten metres. From the parking lot in front of the structure of the Valle dei Laghi Theatre, the path splits in two branches, which make it possible to reach two separate groups of wells. The northern branch takes you to visit six wells, none of which have been cleared of the material collected there, so they are less spectacular than the path on the southern branch, which the suggested route will take you past last. Following the signs to reach wells 1 to 6, you come to an interesting shooting range (target) dating back to the early 1700s, recuperated and taken care of by the Schützen Company of Vezzano. Having completed the ring route to visit the wells, and passing the "Bersaglio" [Target] building, the path crosses SAT trail 618, with signs for Lagolo. You take this path southwards, uphill. Going straight, it climbs 200 metres, and then bends decisively to the east and climbs some more, with a few bends, reaching the forest road. The signs say to go right, but first it is interesting to follow the road to the left for a few metres (northwards), until you reach a rock marking the boundary between the municipalities of Vezzano and Padergnone, where the date 1756 is marked. Retracing your steps, you continue straight until you reach the fork where trail 618 deviates uphill, with signs for Costa dei Cavai - Cornetto. A table indicates the direction for trail 619B, which you must follow for a few metres. On the right, the trail marked SAT 619B begins, with signs for Maso del Conzeta, which we will find a little further on, in the form of a dilapidated building in the middle of the woods. You continue along the path, which passes through ancient terraces, until it turns sharply to the left. Continuing to follow the white and red markings, you start going downhill, sometimes quite steeply, heading south west and ending in a valley. You turn right, climbing up the mule track into a beautiful holm oak forest. At the end of the small valley, on the left hand side a small path leads to the ruins of the church of S. Martino. Once you return to the fork, the mule track starts descending and, after a few bends, you reach glacial well number eight, "Bus dei Poieti". This is the most spectacular one: with all the filling material removed, it is now possible to reach the bottom using a metal ladder. Continuing along the trail, you reach a farmed plot, beyond which lies well number seven, "San Valentino". You return to the dirt road and soon reach the end of the route. 

Don't miss: the "Marmitte dei Giganti", the "Bersaglio", and ancient boundary stones.

Further information and other trekking proposals can be found on our guide "MONTE BONDONE. WALKS AND TRAILS ON THE MOUNTAIN OF TRENTO", on sale in our tourist information office, located in piazza Dante, 24 - Trento.



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