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Casa Caveau Vino Santo | Wine museum

Casa Caveau Vino Santo is an experiential and evocative place, where through voices, sounds, images, aromas and taste you will encounter

Casa Caveau Vino Santo | Wine museum

The place

The former Rigotti fruit cellar, built in Padergnone around the year 1800, in the past had hosted up to 500 quintals of grapes, distributed on "arele" made of metal mesh and common reeds placed in horizontal piles as high as 4 meters. It was the largest withering facility in the area, operative until 1980 when the Rigotti family ended its activity. Today, the upper part of the building no longer exists, but the vaulted ceilings bring back memories of the past, a past that comes back to life thanks to a conservative recovery and a cultural reinterpretation that allowed the building to host the Casa Caveau Vino Santo.

The project

The goal of the project was the enhancement of the Vino Santo Trentino, a unique and typical feature of the territory, by restoring the historical place of the ancient Padergnone, withering facility through a conservative restoration, allocating it a new intended use and set-up. This would result in the foundation of Casa Caveau and of a network comprehending all the wineries producing Vino Santo Trentino, the winery network would be made up by paths that run through the cultivation areas.

The small village of Padergnone, located in the Vallelaghi municipality, other than being a relevant cultural and historical place, it is very famous in the oenological field for being the headquarter of the Vivai Cooperativi, founded by Lodovico Pedrini in 1910. In Padergnone the dynasty of the Rigotti is quite important in the field of oenology, as it gave birth to illustrious personalities who left an imprint in the oenological field, Rebo Rigotti was an Italian geneticist and agronomist.

The project: the project to investigate the feasibility of the idea was prepared by Dr. Marsilli of the Albatros S.r.l. company, it was presented on the 7.6 measure to obtain the contribution of the Gal Trentino where centrale it got the first place. The Municipality of Vallelaghi has pledged to bear the expenses not covered by the contribution, with additional support from the Cassa Rurale. The contract appointing the conservative restoration of the vaults was assigned to the architect Patton part of the Faes studio - both Patton and the cultural set-up project, designed to share the history of Vino Santo Trentino, have been entrusted to Dr. Bonomi - Paratolina aRtelier progettuale, together with the architect Marega from the architecture firm Matteo Marega managing the restoration.

Come and visit us

It is an experiential journey, that can be started by having already visited the wineries of the Vino Santo Producers in the Valle dei Laghi, or it can be a starting point to discover the history of Santo Vino Trentino D.O.C. and then the journey could the end by going to visit the Producers' cellars. The journey begins with a brief and pleasant walk from the parking lot of the Santa Massenza Lake Park to the Piazzetta del Mercato in Padergnone fraction of the municipality of Vallelaghi, where the Casa Caveau Vino Santo is located. Along the way 7 modern didactic stations that recall the arèle structure, are paired with panels describing all the phases of the history of Vino Santo. The story ends inside the Casa Caveau Vino Santo, where a timeline made up by other didactic panels and a beautiful movie in which the wind together with the cultivated fields of Nosiola and the Vino Santo play the leading role. A multimedia table is also present to let the visitors interact and listen to the stories of the Vignaioli (literally wine producers) Producers of Vino Santo, each of which will reveal some anecdotes related to this "liquid gold".

Info for visits and booking:

mob: +39 353 403 7389
e-mail: casacaveauvinosanto@gmail.com ; info@discovervalledeilaghi.it ; info@ecomuseovalledeilaghi.it


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