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There are not so many women painters that left their mark on the history of arts but between the Sixteenth and the half of the Seventeenth Century some of them gained celebrity and success.

Fede Galizia, Noli me tangere, Pinacoteca Brera Milano

from 03 July 2021 to 24 October 2021

Castello del Buonconsiglio, Via Bernardo Clesio 5, Trento | Opening times: 10.00am - 6.00pm. Closed on Monday. Special opening: every Monday from 13th July to 7th September 2020. | Info: +39 0461 233770,

Some of the important painters were Anguissola Sofonisba, Lavinia Fontana e Artemisia Gentileschi and in particular Fede Galizia, an artist coming from Trentino who will be celebrated at the Buonconsiglio castle from the 3rd of July to the 35th of October 2020. Fede Gallizia, better known as Galizia, was born in Milan most likely sometime before 1578. Her father, Nunzio Galizia, also a painter of miniatures, had moved to Milan from Trento. At a young age, Galizia was already an established portrait painter handling many commissioned works. Perhaps it was her father's influence as a miniaturist that led to Galizia's attention to detail in her portraits. Fede obtained an extraordinary success among the committee of her time; her works even reached the court of Rudolph II of Hapsburg, thanks to Giuseppe Arcimboldi mediation. The style of her painting derived from the naturalistic traditions of the Renaissance in Italy with a sharply realistic approach. Galizia shows a style related to the Lombard mannerism of the late 16th century, centered in Mantua, but known internationally, especially in France. Galizia's still lifes are among the earliest examples of painting in a new genre in which women, partly because they were excluded from other kinds of painting, would excel.Giovanni Agostini and Jacopo Stoppa are the organizer of the exhibition, that try to answer several questions, such as: why Fede Galizia was so appreciated? Which were the reasons of her success in the age she lived? How important is her genre? How much the appreciation of an art work change from the Renaissance to nowadays?


Castello del Buonconsiglio - Monumenti e collezioni provinciali

Tel. +39 0461 233770


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