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The Monte Bondone can boast skiing shools which have been operating for over 50 years, with multilingual staff, great experience and the ability to meet every customer's needs, regardless of their age and ability. Ski schools can organize group or individual lessons, lessons for disabled people, as well as athletc preparation for competitions.


Ski teachers

Scuola Italiana Sci Monte BondoneMaestri di Sci Cristallo and Maestri di Sci Azzurra Monte Bondone will give everyone, from absolute beginners to good skiers, the chance to improve themselves and have fun in total security.

The cross country ski school Scuola Sci di Fondo Viote has been operating since 1979, its teachers can speak both English and German and have undergone special training to teach to disabled people. THe school's offer includes cross country ski excursions, technique improvement lessons, snow-shoes excursions, races and a playground area for kids.

Ski and Snowboard Instructors Cristallo

Strada di Vason 110 - 38123 Monte Bondone (Piazza della chiesa)
Tel: +39 3806328814
E-mail: info@maestriscicristallo.it
Web: www.maestriscicristallo.it
E-commerce: maestriscicristallo.beebeeboard.com/scuolesci_ecommerce


Ski School Monte Bondone

Strada di Vason, 93 - 38123 Monte Bondone - Trento
Tel: Tel. +39 0461 948211
E-Mail: info@scuolascibondonetrento.it
Web: www.scuolascibondonetrento.it


Cross country Ski School Viote

Via alle Caserme 5, Loc Viote - 38123 Monte Bondone - Trento
Tel: +39 0461 948105
E-mail: info@scuolascifondoviote.it
Web: www.scuolascifondoviote.it

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