View of Dos d'Abramo and Cornetto from Cima Verde

View of Dos d'Abramo and Cornetto from Cima Verde

View from Dos di Costalta

View from Dos di Costalta

Trekking: Piné Plateau and Monte Bondone

There is nothing more regenerating than a walk in nature, and between Monte Bondone and the Piné plateau there is something for everyone: from simple walks to more challenging hikes, you can experience the colourful reflections of the lakes, the breathtaking views of the mountains and the soothing silence of the forests.

Monte Bondone

Monte Bondone can be considered a small mountain group. Quickly reachable from Trento, it offers interesting excursions in the summer, while in winter it is a popular ski area. The group includes Cima Palon and the Three Peaks of Monte Bondone (Cima Verde, Doss d'Abramo, Cornetto) which rise on the Viote plain.

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MONTE BONDONE, walks and trails on the mountain of Trento

The Monte Bondone, included in the Network of Bondone Nature Reserves, boasts an extensive network of paths and roads, complete signs and informative tables on aspects of interest in terms of fauna and landscapes, which are abundant on Trento's mountain. The route suggestions described in this guide often overlap one or another of these trails, but they do so only as far as strictly necessary, in the attempt of guiding the hiker far from the most popular routes, or from those already amply described in other guides.

In the phase of accurate scouting and consideration of what the territory has to offer, we therefore avoided both trails duly curated by the Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini (SAT) of the CAI [Italian Mountaineering Association], and the sections most used by bike lovers. It is thus intended more for a public that appreciates the curiosity of discovery rather than reaching the highest destination or particular levels of sporting performance.

The map shows ring trails in blue, while the pink ones connect different locations, or form branches of definite interest compared to the circular track. The blue icon in the top right hand corner above the itineraries identifies trails suitable for the whole family. The routes were chosen for their natural, historical or cultural value, and we hope that they will evoke the curiosity and excitement even of those who, living in Trento, have already been visiting and walking this mountain for some time. For a "greener" outing, we have included instructions on public transport, which can be used to reach the starting point, as well as for the return trip.

Happy trails to all! 

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The Piné Plateau

On the Piné plateau there are many excursions, but above all suitable for everyone: from true sportsmen and women to those looking for a simple route up to families with small children or in a stroller. Each season has its charm and reserves unique and colorful landscapes, all to be discovered…

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The Piné Plateau

The Pinè Plateau is an area where hikes and walks on paths immersed in nature can be undertaken almost all year round without the need for extremely technical equipment. The stars of the Plateau are undoubtedly Lake Serraia and Lake delle Piazze, which welcome the tourist with gentle walks along the shores and connect the many villages of the Pinè area, crossing sunny shores, meadows, vegetable gardens, small churches and refreshment points.
Surrounding the lakes are the peaks of Costalta, Ceramonte, Monte di Bedollo and Ruioch, which offer an orderly weave of paths and forest roads for hikes of medium difficulty, towards panoramic peaks with emotional views of the lakes and as far as the Dolomites.
The Redebus Pass is the starting point for many of these itineraries, but also for reaching the main shepherd's huts where it is possible to savour the genuine aromas and flavours of the mountains.
From Baselga di Piné it is a short climb to Bedolpian, suitable for picnics and short family walks. Instead, walking in the direction of Montagnaga, the cycle path leads to the Piné Sanctuary, where the silence of the forest meets the stillness of the soul.

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