On the mountain of Trento, trekking itineraries of natural, historical or cultural interest, suitable for all.

Monte Bondone boasts an extensive network of paths and roads, complete signs and informative tables on aspects of interest in terms of fauna and landscapes, which are abundant on Trento's mountain. The route suggestions described in this guide often overlap one or another of these trails, but they do so only as far as strictly necessary, in the attempt of guiding the hiker far from the most popular routes, or from those already amply described in other guides.

In the phase of accurate scouting and consideration of what the territory has to offer, we therefore avoided both trails duly curated by the Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini (SAT) of the CAI [Italian Mountaineering Association], and the sections most used by bike lovers. It is thus intended more for a public that appreciates the curiosity of discovery rather than reaching the highest destination or particular levels of sporting performance.

The map shows ring trails in blue, while the pink ones connect different locations, or form branches of definite interest compared to the circular track. The blue icon in the top right hand corner above the itineraries identifies trails suitable for the whole family. The routes were chosen for their natural, historical or cultural value, and we hope that they will evoke the curiosity and excitement even of those who, living in Trento, have already been visiting and walking this mountain for some time. For a "greener" outing, we have included instructions on public transport, which can be used to reach the starting point, as well as for the return trip.

Happy trails to all! 





The Ring Routes (blu)

Explore all the trekking routes on Monte Bondone!


The Connecting Routes (pink)  

  • The Hiking Map shows, in pink, a few straight routes, which connect the suggested and numbered circular routes. 
  • The San Vili "Alto" Trail, which connects the hamlet of Vela with route number 2, climbing up to Maso dell'Aria and to Sorasas. It is an alternative to starting in the town of Cadine, which can be reached by bus for the return phase. Length: 3.5 km. Difference in altitude: 485m
  • The section of the Trento Nostra Trail, which connects the city to Vaneze. The highlighted section is the one that is not involved in other routes described, and in particular it connects the chestnut forests uphill from Sardagna with Candriai. Length: 1.4 km. Difference in altitude: 260m 
  • Trail SAT 645, the most direct route that connects Trento with Vaneze, going through Sardagna. To reduce the height and length, it can also begin in Sardagna, using the ski lift. It is part of the route - from Trento to Vason - of a competition entitled "La Direttissima skyrace Trento-Monte Bondone". Length: 6.2 km. Difference in altitude: 1090m 
  • Connecting route between Sardagna and the Corno over the Boscura ridge. A little-used route, also because of its significant steepness. It can be better appreciated on the way down, relying on the extra-urban bus service for the return leg. Length: 2.9 km. Difference in altitude: 700m 
  • Connection between routes 7 and 8 along the skiing slopes of Montesel and 3-Tre. With this route it is possible to climb up to Montesel, where there is a beautiful view. Along this route, you will find the entry point for the new Nino Barbieri via ferrata. Length: 1.7 km. Difference in altitude: 200m 
  • Trail SAT 614 del Guardadocio, a route between the towns of Romagnano and Garniga Vecchia. An ancient connecting route between the valley and the mountain, offering views and glimpses of rare intensity. Length: 2.5 km. Difference in altitude: 920m 
  • A branch in the Guardadocia trail, in the Garniga Terme direction, crossing the deep and picturesque Roggia di Bondone valley. At the connecting point with route number 13, you can also see the ruins of the ancient municipal saw mill. Length: 1.9 km. Difference in altitude: 150m 
  • Route connecting trails 10 and 17, called "Pedemontana". In the southern part, it is a flat dirt road which joins route 17 at an altitude of 1614 metres. With a gentle climb, along the pavement following the provincial road, it joins the meadows of Viote with Vason, along the western slopes of the Palon. Length: 3.3 km. Difference in altitude: 60m 
  • A dirt road that links routes 11 and 13, connecting Viote to Malga Albi, on the Garniga slope. From the hamlet of Gervasi, the dirt road descends the north-eastern face of Cima Verde to the Acqua Negra Spring, and the pleasant meadow ditch of the farmstead. Length: 2.1 km. Difference in altitude: 260 m on the way back
  • Section of path SAT 618 which connects Lagolo with the group of houses called Campo, and route number 12. It is an alternative to using the car, using the bus, to reach lake Lagolo, where you can swim in summer. Length: 3 km. Difference in altitude: 550 m to Campo and 635 m to the connection with route 12